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Leadership and Empowerment

Our History

Founded in 2010 by Tyrone and Nelda Burroughs, The Burroughs Foundation works alongside community leaders to develop and support local organizations. For over the past 8 years, we have contributed to many philanthropic programs that empower diverse communities. With a focus on leadership empowerment, these efforts address educational, health, and social needs of ethnically diverse neighborhoods.


To radically close the generational wealth gap for communities of color by providing them with access to the resources needed to ensure long-term financial security.


To create a more equitable society by helping families of color build generational wealth.

Our Goals

Supporting the community

Be a powerful voice to help remove barriers within diverse communities, specifically around financial sustainability and professional success.

Expand post-secondary opportunities by providing financial resources and mentoring opportunities.

Support individuals and organizations in their efforts to create measurable change within communities of color.

Assist potential leaders who demonstrate a strong commitment to bettering their community.

“When passion and purpose combine we can create strong communities.”

— Tyrone Burroughs

Our Core Values

EXCELLENCE – We strive for

INTEGRITY – Our foundation is recognized for its reliability and honesty

STEWARDSHIP – We balance the needs of the present with opportunities for the future. We take the long-view approach.

EFFECTIVENESS – We identify unique and strategic opportunities which can make a difference.

INCLUSIVENESS – Equal opportunity for the disadvantaged is crucial.

RESPECT – Individuals have a significant purpose regardless of financial value.

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Tyrone Burroughs


Nelda Burroughs


Demar Roberts

Vice Chair

Crystal Epps, CPA


Melanie Burroughs Cole


Dr. Eddie Cole

Board Member

Phillip Reeves

Board Member

LaTosha Pinckney

Executive Director

Kevin Swinton, Esq.

General Counsel

Sharon Parker

Administrative Coordinator