Corporate and community partners are key to achieving our vision of creating a more equitable society by helping families of color build generational wealth.

Donors can Support our investments in the target areas listed below. Contributions may also go toward our general community investment fund, which supports a variety of important causes that help build generational wealth.


In-kind grants awarded to teachers in underserved schools, grades Pre-K – 4, in Memphis-Shelby County Schools. Grants worth up to $5,000 will help teachers pay for essential school supplies that improve the educational experience of students while also easing the financial burden for teachers who buy supplies with their own money.

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Investing in diverse community projects is a powerful way to address critical issues, promote equity, and empower underserved populations. Through this approach, we can build a more inclusive and resilient society that aligns with our foundation’s core values and mission. Ultimately, these investments benefit the community and elevate our influence and ability to drive positive change.

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